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Ads Focus – Our Allied War Fighters

ADS (Allied Defense Services) is the only defense article provider with the primary focus of supplying Allied Forces with advanced technology weaponization solutions and defense articles for Air, Land, and Sea Platforms. Why do we focus on Allied Services rather than the U.S. Military? The answer is simple. We are all in the fight together And ADS Strives to Ensure Our Allied Warfighters Are Equally Equipped With Lethality To Increase Survivability and Mission Success.
ADS is a global provider serving Allied Military and VIP Security Units, systems integrators, OEMs, and end-user organizations with design, development, manufacturing, integration, and training on strategic autonomous weapons and mounts, components and subsystems for Air, Land, and Sea Platform. ADS provides world-wide coverage of platform components, subsystems, and technologies and how they are integrated into leading edge Military/Aerospace/Naval/Ground applications.
As a turn-key solution, ADS works directly with the customer from the initial survey of the platform, customer required design, engineering, production, integration, training, customer acceptance and follow-on support.
With 24 years of U. S. Army Military service, and serving in the SOF community, combined with 39 years of Air, Land, and Sea weapon applications we define survivability as non-negotiable. ADS is customer driven and takes a strategic approach to each customers requirements and will settle for nothing less than providing our customers with proven reliable equipment manufactured with the latest technology available to ensure their mission’s success. The owner of ADS is proud and honored to have been one of the few chosen, selected and trusted with duties of the elite U.S. forces. Intimately conducting operations in a multitude of austere and hostile environments, we know the probability of success and survivability is only as strong as the equipment and training provided. ADS has experienced it firsthand and recognizes the appreciative, true value of quality equipment and training.
We owe this to our Allied Forces that potentially face the battlefield, and we provide this to them before the battle begins.


Tom Hamilton
Allied Defense Services




Our expertise is unmatched in the Military industry. Our experienced Program Management force and engineers work hand in hand with our customers, providing custom design requirements, functionality, reliability, and lethality.

Program Management

Just as our products do, our services differentiate ADS from other leading defense article providers. With total focus on the Allied War Fighter, ADS has raised the bar with services that are beyond reproach. Not being tied up with the time-consuming U.S. market allows ADS to concentrate its total focus on the Allied Customer, their needs, requirements, and concerns, and addressing every one of them with customer satisfaction in a timely manner.

ADS also provides depot level repair and rebuild of customers’ existing small arms and crew served weapons up to .50 caliber.

ADS custom design mounts will be specific to the customers platform, whether it be Air, Land, or Sea. We hold one thing paramount -The User. Functionality, Durability, Serviceability, Simplicity, Human Factors, and lethality are all essential design elements that ADS has built in to ensure each customer receives the ultimate defense systems to accommodate their mission requirements, customer needs, and platform.

Regardless of your requirements whether it be simple or complex, ADS brings customer concept to reality.


Final acceptance is conducted with the end user in conjunction with training, integration, and familiarization live fire. Final acceptance is defined by both the customer and ADS prior to the event taking place and will consist of live firing each complete weapon system.

Our responsibility does not end with final acceptance. Customer follow-on support is just as important to ADS as the initial sales. ADS continues to provide enduring and expedient logistical and technical support to our customer.

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